Soldering Tip Cleaner

The Hakko 599B-02 is a wire sponge with a holder enclosure.


  • “Shell” design keeps the solder from splattering.
  • It will not reduce the tip temperature.
  • This is a great alternative to the conventional wet/damp sponge.


  • Product Type: Tip Cleaner.
  • For Use With: 601 Iron Holder, 602 Iron Holder.
  • Dimensions: 2in
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Product Description

Tip Cleaner

Soldering iron tips will oxidate and build up a tin residue after use.  But with regular cleaning and a coating of rosin from the CSI-08C Tip Cleaner your tips will work better and last longer.


  • Protects the iron tip from oxidation to prolong tip life.
  • Brass wire cleaning ball with no water needed, will not lower tip temperature for a faster cycle time.
  • Better than traditional sponge cleaners, great for use with lead- free soldering iron tips.
  • Wont cool the tip like a traditional wet sponge cleaner.

Heavy duty stainless steel holder with lid.

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