Screw Feeder

Product Description

  • Feature:-
  1. Widest range of applicable screw sizes. (M 1.0 to M 5.0),
  2. Max of screw length 19 mm.
  3. Feeding Rail is adjustable.
  4. Save parts costs and stock.
  5. Adjustable vibration intensity.


Size 182(W)*126(L)*147(H) mm
Weight N.W:Appror2.17kgs(excluding switching adaptor)
Power Source AC 100-240V
Switching Adaptor DC 15V Switching Adaptor
Applicable Screw From M1.0 to M5.0
Applicable Screw Length UP to 19mm (under head)
Scooping Chamber Capacity 200-220cc



(in package & box)

Allen Wrench (L SHAPED 2.0*107 mm) *1pc.
Switching Adaptor *1 set.
Accessory( front) (0.8,1.0,1.2,1.5,20*70 mm) * 1pc
Accessory(behind) (0.2*10*20 mm) *2pcs
(0.5*10*20 mm) *10pcs
Stopper 2.0-5.0mm *1 pc
Instruction Manual
Package Size Each Set/Box: 282(L)* 142(W)*201(H) mm
Each Carton: 450(L)*310(W)*435(H) mm
Package Weight(Including Machine) Each Set/Box G.W.:Approx 2.63 kgs
Each Carton G.w.:Approx 16.53 kgs (One Box= 6 sets)

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