Screw Counter

Product Description

Screw Counter: Mistake proof assembly. Counter work with DC screw driver. Ponce job kept of work Place then supply start to screw driver and once all screw tighten in good condition then a signal output to PLC for automation.


  • Set number of screws which we need to do in our component in the front panel of our unit.
  • Connect the power supply cable into Input connector of mistake proofing unit.
  • Connect the screw driver cable in to Output connector of mistake proofing unit.
  • Switch on the screw driver power supply and observe the number in digital display of mistake proofing unit’s front panel.
  • Place the screwing component into the fixture location to enable our mistake proofing unit.
  • For example the set screw is 8.
  • Start screwing the first screw and observ.
    e the digital display is getting decrementing to 7.
  • Start screwing the second screw and observe the display is getting decremented to 6.
  • Do this process for all 8 screw and observe the display is showing 0. At the same time observe the GOOD indication is glowing.

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