Hot Plate


  • Special heater, surface temperature distributes evenly.
  • Closed-loop sensor, PID control, precise and stable temperature.
  • Two switches control power supply and heating separately.
  • Real temperature of the plate will also display even under unheated conditions, can avoid accidents.
  • Suitable for PCB preheating and other process which requires whole and even heating.


  • Plate Size 200mm x 112mm.
  • Made from high grade material.
  • High performance Hot plate with precise digital temperature controller.
  • Power 2kw.
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Product Description

LED and PCB Soldering Hot Plate -SIRON 942 is flatbed micro-computer controlled heating plate. It features high-performance micro-controller which ensures precise temperature display and control, automatic fault judgment and analysis. The heating plate is made from high quality aluminum alloy which ensures fast warming, stable temperature, high efficiency, uniform heating and temperature control, it is ideal heating tools for various industries.


  • SMD LED soldering.
  • Components heating operation
  • SMD recycling operations
  • PCB board desoldering operation
  • Physical, chemical containers heating other equipment or appliances heating

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