Spring Balancer

Product Description

The Miyakawa brand Safety Spring Balancer offer true Zero Gravity, safe operations with minimum fatigue to operators. They are designed with fully enclosed casing, eliminating any potential pinch points around the drum. Wear protection cover is provided to avoid damage to the casing. This increases operation life of the balance. High-quality springs are enclosed in a Cassette for safe and easy repair.


  • Compact, lightweight yet rugged design.
  • True Zero Gravity allows suspending tool at desired position.
  • Tapered drum for optimum and constant torque build-up.
  • Quality springs and bearings provide smooth cable travel throughout the stroke.
  • Longer spring and parts life. Minimum cost per operation.
  • Cost reduction is achieved through increased productivity, long spring life, minimum maintenance and safe working environment.
  • External tension adjustment is easy and precise.
  • Improves work efficiency with world-class quality.
  • Design proved and tested in Asian countries.
  • Total Support in parts supply and repairs.

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