Solder Pot


Power 150W
Maximum Temp. 430 C
Melting Time (Minute) 5-15min
Melting Solder Capacity 300g
Internal Pot Dimension 38×35
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Product Description

Automatic Dip-Soldering Machine The PCB is lowered into the bath through motorized movement, till the solder side of the PCB touches the solder. The movement stops at this point. It stops there to the pre-set time on the timer on the timer, to enable the dwell time. After the set time the movement resumes with the controlled cam movement, to the effect a perfect peel back, and brings the PCB back to the home position.


  • Low cost substitute to attain high quality PCB soldering.
  • Suitable for single, double, PTH, multi layered PCB’S.
  • Digital temperature controller for solder bath.
  • Controlled motorised movement of PCB into the solder bath.
  • Electronic timer for setting dwell time.
  • Easy mechanical adjustments for depth setting.
  • Rugged and relable construction.

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